The Officers of the Pittsburgh Area Chapter of ACI are pleased to announce the eighth annual Excellence in Concrete Project Awards. This award was established to recognize excellence in structural and architectural design; unique and innovative construction or application; and sustainable uses of concrete in construction projects in Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, and Northwest West Virginia.

ACI Pittsburgh will select one winner in up to two different categories:

  1. Low-Rise Buildings/Structures: Up to three stories residential (multi-family and houses),
    school, commercial, warehouse and industrial, etc.
  2. Mid-Rise Buildings/Structures: Four to fifteen stories
  3. High-Rise Buildings/Structures: More than fifteen stories
  4. Decorative: Decorative or architectural feature or element such as exterior or interior finishes, hardscapes, ornamentation, stained, stamped, or polished concrete, art
    installations, etc.
  5. Infrastructure: Bridges, site structures, water resource structures, marine structures, other structures, etc.
  6. Flatwork: Pavements, parking lots, runways, commercial/industrial floors, etc.
  7. Repair and Restoration: overlays, rehabilitation, remodel, retrofitting, etc.

Projects can utilize any type of Portland cement concrete construction technique including tilt-up, pre-cast, and cast-in-place. Projects can be new construction, restoration, or repair and utilize any type of Portland cement concrete product including shotcrete, self consolidating concrete, roller compacted concrete, etc. Projects can be new construction, restoration, or repair.

All projects must have been completed during the time period from January 31, 2021- January 31, 2023. Projects in phases are eligible at the completion of each phase, as well as at the time of completion of the overall project.

Project must be located within the jurisdiction of the Pittsburgh Area ACI Chapter which includes Western PA, Eastern OH, and Northwest WV. If you are unsure whether your project location is in the jurisdiction, please contact Beth Rader at bethaci@zoominternet.net.

Feel free to download an application form or contact us using the form below.


The following companies are past recipients of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the ACI Excellence in Concrete Project Award.

2024 (Infrastructure)  – Golden Triangle Construction for SR28 Highland Park Interchange – Completed January 2024
2024 (Mid-Rise Buildings) – Bryan Materials Group for the UPMC Vision Institute Mercy Pavilion – Completed October 2023
2023 – Golden Triangle Construction for the SR70 Yukon and Madison Interchanges – Completed September 2022
2022 – PJ Dick for Bakery Square Sitework – Completed November 2020
2021 (Decorative) – Grindline Skateparks for the Zelienople Memorial Skatepark – Completed February 2020
2021 (Infrastructure) – Golden Triangle Construction for the 911th Air Force Reserve Station – Completed August 2019
2020 – Golden Triangle Construction for the Deice Pad “C” Reconstruction Project – Completed October 2018
2019 – Golden Triangle Construction for the US 119 County Line Crossover Road Project – Completed December 2017
2018 – PJ Dick for the Carnegie Mellon University Tepper Quad Project – Completed November 2017
2017 – PJ Dick for Frick environmental Center Project, August 2016 completion
2016 – PJ Dick for East Liberty Transit Garage Project, September 2015 completion