ABOUT THE TINK BRYAN AWARD - A tribute to Thomas (Tink) Bryan

The Tink Bryan Award was created in honor of Thomas “Tink” Bryan, an outstanding individual who dedicated himself to his family, business and the concrete industry. For several years now the Chapter has honored one individual each year with this award. The candidate should demonstrate an exceptional commitment and achievement of service to the concrete industry.

If you would like to obtain an application form or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


The following individuals are past recipients of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the ACI Tink Bryant Award for their commitment, dedication and professionalism in our industry.

2016 – Chuck Niederriter

2014 – Mark Patton

2012 – Robert Lawrence

2008 – Russell Smith, Sr.

2007 – John Thrower, Sr.

2006 – Robert A. Prisby

2005 – David Chilcote, Sr.

2004 – Bernard Erlin

2003 – Joe Homitsky, Sr.

2002 – Paul Rader

2001 – Andy Fertal

2000 – George Wargo

1999 – Wayne Miller