ACI Self-Consolidating Concrete Testing Technician

Starting in Winter 2019, the Pittsburgh Chapter will begin to offer ACI’s newest concrete field testing certification program:  Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) Testing Technician.  The Self-Consolidating Concrete Testing Technician programs covers the following five standard test methods and practices on self-consolidating concrete:

  • ASTM C 1610 – Standard Test Method for Static Segregation of Self-Consolidating Concrete Using Column Technique
  • ASTM C 1611 – Standard Test Method for Slump Flow of Self-Consolidating Concrete
  • ASTM C 1621 – Standard Test Method for Passing Ability of Self-Consolidating Concrete by J-Ring
  • ASTM C 1712 – Standard Test Method for Rapid Assessment of Static Segregation Resistance of Self-Consolidating Concrete
  • ASTM C 1758 – Standard Test Method for Fabricating Test Specimens with Self-Consolidating Concrete

Although SCC has been around since the late 1980s, its use has really started to take off in the United States and specifically in the Pittsburgh area over the last several years.  Furthermore, multiple DOTs and the National Precast Concrete Association are making it mandatory that an individual testing self-consolidating concrete be ACI Certified as an SCC Concrete Testing Technician.

The program will encompass an entire day, including content review and performance exam practice in the morning, followed by the written and performance exams in the afternoon.  The cost of the exam will be $500, which includes a workbook, the review and the written and performance exams, along with lunch!  If you are interested in taking part in this certification program, please contact Andy Lawrence at (724) 992-2620 or Beth Rader at (724) 452-1468.  The Pittsburgh Area is excited to add another certification program to our area, and be one of the first local sponsoring groups in the nation to offer the Self-Consolidating Concrete Testing Technician Certification!